Making learning work for learners

March 18, 2023

Making learning work for learners is more than a tagline for me.

It’s my commitment to the world.

It’s the arena in which I dream, play, and work.

It’s what I was born to do.

Even with the upheavals of the past three years, what’s important in making learning work for learners has not changed.



Behind the scenes in 2023…

the Learning Evangelist is working on new products and services that will support subject-expert speakers and those who work with them.

A new website is being created to celebrate 20 years of learner advocacy and support for learning leaders…and celebrate new opportunities.

The sandboxes I’m playing in…

  • Awakening a widespread learners-first mindset
  • Inspiring the subject experts we rely on for content
  • Giving those experts what they need to create and lead learning opportunities
  • Aligning learning operations systems with organizational goals and learners’ needs
  • Cultivating continuous improvement in learning operations and opportunities

And when it comes to learning, we can definitely be curious, play, and explore wonder.

I look forward to sharing it all with you later this year.

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