Transforming Your SMEs…

When SMEs lead learning opportunities, our experience indicates they need the most support in four key areas: applying adult learning principles/practices, creating and using visuals, engaging audiences, and facilitating. We offer a proprietary mini-assessment – customized for your organization – to discover your SMEs’ knowledge and skills, and then design specific learning opportunities based on their needs. We can guide creation and implementation of your transformative, ongoing SME development program or help you zero in on enhancing specific programs. Options to do so are available in face-to-face and virtual formats as well as individual/group coaching and self-paced resources.

A key method for ensuring value for learners is to pay close attention to the development of SME speakers who deliver content. Think your SMEs can use a boost to grow their expertise and better meet your learners’ needs? Let’s talk! Helping speakers succeed at a deeper, more learning-focused level ensures they look great to their audiences, who gain greater value…and you and your organization will too!

For Staff and Volunteers Working with SMEs

There’s a proven method for success in working with subject-matter experts – besides developing their knowledge and skills, it’s rooted in the relationships you’re able to build with them. the Learning Evangelist, LLC also offers learning opportunities for staff and volunteers who manage, coach, or mentor SMEs; the focus is on SME motivations, concerns, roles and relationships, supporting their endeavors, and more. We’ll help you discover where the biggest need is in your organization and design a program to achieve your objectives.

Our approach has been honed over decades of working with SMEs in diverse fields of expertise, and that experience served as the basis for a highly popular 3-part webinar series Kathi Edwards developed and led for the Association for Talent Development multiple times per year for seven years. Really want to support your SMEs and make an impact on your programs’ effectiveness? Combine this program with our SME development offerings!

Build the skills and knowledge of your SMEs and those who work with them!

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