More about our Stakeholder Learning Survey

It’s easy to make assumptions about what your learners want and even what they think about your organization’s learning opportunities in comparison to those of its primary competitors. Our proprietary learning survey can help affirm or dispel the assumptions you and your team have about learning practices and decision-making, preferred learning methods, available budgets, social learning methods, learning value, future plans for learning activities, and what your learners think about your organization as a provider of learning.

We work with you to customize this in-depth survey to discover the perspectives and opinions of your stakeholders – providing a critical foundation to guide your short- and long-term learning strategies. If results warrant, we conduct one or more stakeholder focus groups to further refine the outcomes, which provide valuable insights you need. When combined with the Learning Systems Audit, you’ll have two sturdy pillars on which to begin building a strategic approach to learning.

Discover your stakeholders’ learning practices!

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