More about our Learning Systems Audit

Especially when developing a learning strategy, it can be a good idea to take a look at your learning operations and activities. Are you doing things right, and doing the right things?

We’ll conduct a comprehensive Learning Systems Audit of five key areas:

  • Organizational mission, vision, goals, strategies and how learning fits into the big picture
  • Target audiences and other relevant stakeholders
  • Current educational offerings, including evaluation results
  • Program design, development, and delivery
  • Management systems and staff/volunteer personnel

We examine each of these areas through operations and document reviews, stakeholder interviews, focus groups, and other methods. You’ll receive a frank written report, including our recommendations, which you can use as the basis for improving your learning operations. The audit can stand alone; however, when combined with the Stakeholder Learning Survey, you’ll have two sturdy pillars on which to begin building a strategic approach to learning.

Examine your learning operations and activities!

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