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the Learning Evangelist works with stakeholders in three primary groups: organizations seeking to be more strategic and effective with their learning offerings, subject-matter experts who lead learning opportunities, and learners in face-to-face and virtual programs.

From consulting clients:

“It has been a pleasure working with you to enhance our professional development offerings. You are strategic, flexible, conscientious, and easy to work with; skilled at group facilitation and fostering learning while sharing your expertise enthusiastically and thoughtfully. We appreciated your acknowledging the importance of tailoring coaching to the particular project and audience while laying out options and alternatives to expand their thinking.”

“My first reaction is realizing again what a valuable and engaging resource this [instructional design] effort has produced. It should be excellent preparation [for a certification exam]…well deserved congratulations on a job well done.”

“Working with Kathi is an adult learning experience within itself. With patience, creativity, and exemplar coaching skills, she has consistently trained content presenters to deliver virtual presentations with focus, confidence and purposeful adult learning goals and objectives.”

“Your content development and consultation for our virtual e-workshop leader preparation program resulted in a very successful system. Participants reported feeling confident and well-prepared following their completion of the two-part program. Your work and support throughout the program development process was outstanding.”

“Thanks for the summary of [our] strategy session. As I read it, I felt I was reliving it! It was very well summarized and has a lot of food for thought. I thought you did a remarkable job in the preparation and execution of the session. You leapt our last-minute obstacles like an Olympic hurdler and didn’t break stride! I am thankful for your flexibility and fluidity in responding to those variabilities.”

“Kathi is a delight to work with and has the ability to get to the bottom of issues…it never fails that she can zero in on what the issue is and how best to deal with it quickly and effectively.”

“Kathi delivers – no matter the time frame, the request, or the challenge. She consistently checks in with her clients to ensure that program objectives are being met from the proposal phase to the presentation phase. She’s fun to work with as she challenges all who work with her to become better at the delivery of content that they already know!”


From subject-matter experts who lead learning opportunities:

“Just a note to compliment you on the development of the Speakers Guide and video micro-lessons! These are amazing resources and learning tools that will not only benefit the association in terms of conference session quality but can support any member in developing their presentation skills for work-related responsibilities. I made several adjustments to my session materials after consulting these resources!! Outstanding work.”   [Conference speaker; university department head]

“…it was a “supercalifragilisticexpialidocius” train-the-trainer program that exceeded all my expectations. And that was just the beginning…. You have to know I am taking all your strong suggestions to heart – my list of learnings and action items for other efforts is also quite long. What a delightful learning experience….”   [Workshop leader; PhD scientist]

“Thank you for your graciousness in spending so much time with me…you’re a patient and talented teacher, and I enjoyed the learning experience.”   [Speaker and consultant]

“[The program] was terrific! I so appreciated how you modeled best practices in adult professional development during [the] conference facilitator training – GREAT job!”   [Conference speaker; consultant]

“…[you] gave us numerous examples of ways of engaging the audience, many tips on how to keep the audience’s attention, and clever ways of designing PowerPoint slides…I am very pleased with my new-found skills. I have noticed far more audience participation…without hesitation I would recommend this workshop to beginners and experienced speakers.”   [Workshop leader; PhD scientist]


From face-to-face and virtual program participants:

“Kathi is such a masterful facilitator that you’re learning without even realizing it. Besides the wealth of experience she brings with her, she is encouraging, empowering, and inspiring. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend three days learning from her.”

“Kathi not only knew her materials, she knew how to deliver it. She made everyone feel welcome in the training class, and more importantly, she made everyone feel comfortable to engage in the learning/training process. She had excellent knowledge of theories, methods, and resources in her field and graciously shared a significant quantity of that with participants for our future use.”

“This program is going to get me started on creating a formal training program with our department SMEs. It answered so many questions that I had and answered some that I didn’t realize I had.”

“Thanks so much for such a great webinar last week! As a beginner, the course was incredibly helpful. I LOVED how you organized our notes/handout, and you made it simple to take notes and listen while you taught…you gave us a lot of background and information, but also a lot of practical ideas we can use right away.”

“I liked how well [the webinar series] introduced the concepts and reinforced them throughout the sessions. I feel like I’ve learned how to coach an SME very thoroughly.”

“Kathi was fantastic…an excellent example of what a hands-on trainer should be like! She had great insight, and is clearly very well versed and passionate about training. She has an incredible personality and is simply real and straight-forward; she immediately became relatable to the class.”

“Excellent session. I went back to the office the next day and implemented some of the ideas that I learned during the session. Would like a full day on this topic.”

“Lots of applicable tips and techniques that are easy to implement as well as a fabulous facilitator who shows she is invested in your success. Thanks, Kathi.”

“Kathi is an absolute joy to learn from! She has obvious knowledge of the field and I hope to have the opportunity to take many other courses from her.”





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