A guide for your learning journey

Learning is a journey…with pathways running through everything an organization and its people do. Yes, it’s professional development opportunities for stakeholders. Learning is also a big-picture issue and, purposefully used, can greatly enhance how an organization identifies and takes advantage of possibilities. Having a navigator along to guide the way can help ensure your journey is successful.

Learning and professional development

My consulting services support clients in maximizing the value equation for their learning and professional development opportunities. Regardless of where or how learning opportunities occur, success requires an effective combination of subject-matter experts, content, and the principles and practices of adult learning so that participants’ learning needs are met. I work with professional development staff and subject-matter experts to determine the best combination of these in both face-to-face and virtual learning opportunities.  Whether your need is in creating new programs, upgrading existing ones, or ensuring your subject-matter experts can competently and effectively deliver learning, I can help you achieve your goals.

The bigger picture

Effective learning also goes beyond professional development. I work with organization leaders, staffs, and other stakeholders to think strategically about learning and how it can support and enhance other management areas. How learning occurs at every level of the organization can affect how well your staff works together, the effectiveness of your board and committees, and the success of your programs, products, and services. In short, your organization’s continued success depends on the ability of your staff and stakeholders to learn effectively and apply what they learn.

A unique perspective

I particularly enjoy partnering with people who value the contributions effective learning can make to their organizations. Whether I’m consulting on learning strategies and projects or leading stakeholder learning opportunities, your goals are mine: we work together to produce the results you need. Having worked with a wide variety of organizations as both staff member and consultant, I bring to your projects unique perspectives and experiences that enable us to consider new approaches to traditional challenges.

Effective learning is at the core of every project.

Subject-matter experts: your most important learning asset

Some of the most rewarding work I do is with subject-matter experts: helping clients discover their SMEs’ specific needs and creating opportunities for them to build their knowledge and skills about learning. Most organizations rely on the expertise of subject-matter experts (SMEs) to deliver content – and most SMEs have little or no experience in designing an appropriate learning experience. One of the best ways to ensure learning value for your audiences is to increase your SMEs’ capabilities in using adult learning principles and practices.

Typically, SMEs need the most support in four key areas: applying adult learning principles/practices, creating and using visuals, engaging audiences, and facilitating. Particular client needs may vary; however, enhancing SMEs’ skills in these areas might include specific learning opportunities, one-on-one or group coaching, and evaluation depending on their individual/group needs. For example, you might provide a webinar or face-to-face workshop for your SMEs to kick off a development plan or to ensure your upcoming conference sessions will be more effective. Coaching support could include working with SMEs as they develop their content: supporting them in identifying learning objectives, planning instructional design, and developing collaborative learning methods to help ensure they create valuable learning experiences for their audiences.

Think your SMEs can use a boost to better meet your learners’ needs? Let’s talk! Helping speakers succeed at a deeper, more learning-focused level ensures they look great to their audiences – and because those audiences will gain greater value, you and your organization will too!

Beyond professional development

Besides the greater value offered to stakeholders, examining and enhancing the role of learning in your organization can help:

Solve organizational challenges…

…through using learning as a tool to think more effectively and innovatively to:

  • Build staff teams that think and work outside traditional silos
  • Discover and implement new opportunities for boards, committees, and staff teams to learn from and with each other
  • Develop systems to ensure stakeholders learn from experiences, and are able to apply new knowledge and “know-how” to future work

Create a culture of learning…

  • Redefine traditional thinking that “learning is just professional development”
  • Explore the ways learning helps achieve organizational goals – and discover ideas for strengthening those connections
  • Build bridges between organizational goals/strategies and staff’s day-to-day work to ensure everyone makes the critical connections between them

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