A guide for your learning journey

Are learning opportunities in your organization…

Learner-centered?                Focused on measurable outcomes?

Designed and led using the principles and practices of brain-friendly adult learning?

Strategically planned and implemented?

Learning is a journey…with pathways running through everything your organization and its people do. Having a navigator along to guide the way can help ensure your journey is successful!

Consulting Services

One of the biggest transformations in organizational learning over the past few years has been a shift from being information-centric – we have this information and need to get it to learners – to being learner-centric – learners want specific information they can use. That single mindset-shift is significant, with tremendous implications for how learning opportunities are envisioned, managed, developed, delivered, and evaluated.

With the Learning Evangelist, LLC as your guide, you’ll have access to the latest thinking about learning, decades of experience in successfully creating and implementing effective learning environments and strategies, and a variety of tools that will help your organization navigate today’s learner-centric world. Whether you’re developing a comprehensive learning strategy or seeking to enhance the quality and value of your learning opportunities, we work with you and your team to identify and then produce the results you need.

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the Learning Evangelist, LLC offers a variety of related services that are available within a strategy development package or individually as part of your continuous improvement efforts. We work with you to determine your objectives and then design a plan to get you there. Contact us to discuss your goals and let’s work together to decide how we can support you and your organization!

Learning Strategy Development

Does your organization have a documented strategy for its learning operations and activities? In today’s fast-paced learning environment, having a learning strategy helps keep you on-track as you consider new offerings. Just because something’s a great idea – or even because it will bring in a lot of revenue – doesn’t mean it should be created! the Learning Evangelist, LLC has a proven process for developing and implementing a learning strategy that aligns with your organization’s purpose.    Learn more

Stakeholder Learning Survey

When your audience members are deciding whether to show up and participate in learning events, that decision is about more than just the topics and speakers offered. Our proprietary learning survey digs deep to affirm or dispel organizational assumptions.    Learn more

Learning Systems Audit

Discover the effectiveness of your learning operations and see how they stack up against today’s generally accepted practices!    Learn more

Transforming SMEs into Facilitators of Learning

You rely on the expertise of subject-matter experts (SMEs) to deliver content – and most SMEs have little or no experience in designing an effective learning experience. Help ensure learning value for your audiences by building your SMEs’ capabilities in applying adult learning principles and practices.    Learn more

Instructional Design Services

Need an instructional designer and don’t have one on staff? the Learning Evangelist will work with your subject-matter experts to combine their expertise with the principles and practices of brain-friendly adult learning to ensure the resulting offering is learner-centric and objectives-focused. You’ll get a turn-key program that includes a facilitator guide, slides, and participant materials. We can also develop and deliver a “train-the-trainer” offering to ensure those who will be delivering the new program know how to do so effectively – putting learners first. Let’s talk about how we can support your instructional design projects!

Other Learning Services

Our core business focuses on supporting organizations in increasing the value of their learning opportunities in the myriad ways those take place. We’re an “extra hand” if you’re short-staffed. We can help you think more effectively and innovatively about solving challenges and nurturing a culture of learning. Let’s talk about using learning as a tool to solve organizational challenges – like breaking down department silos or ensuring stakeholders purposefully learn from experiences and apply new “know-how” to future work. Redefining traditional  thinking that “learning is just professional development” can help build bridges between organizational goals and day-to-day work, so that everyone sees how what they do contributes to the whole.

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When you work with the Learning Evangelist, LLC we’ll serve as your navigator, guiding the big-picture and practical aspects of the learner-centric approach. We bring to the table passion for learning, creativity, and helping people grow…and the experience to support you in achieving your goals.

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