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If you’re a learning professional, questions are a part of your life…both asking and answering them! Besides the normal give-and-take they offer, questions can be powerful tools for reflection, change, and growth at many levels. Thinking about the right questions can even make a profound difference in your work.

When it comes to learning, what are your most pressing challenges? What question, if answered, would help you do your job better, or more effectively? Perhaps you work with subject-matter experts—or are one yourself—and would like to know how SMEs can be more effective in leading learning. Maybe you want to discover how to better enable your stakeholders for the tough work of learning.

In this space I’ll soon be sharing answers to common questions I hear from the people with whom I work. Eventually, I plan to feature questions asked by readers of this blog, and feature the responses of learning practitioners and experts. If you have a question about learning in your organization, working with subject-matter experts, enhancing learning opportunities for your participants, or some other aspect of learning, submit it via the comments section below. If you see a question here to which you’d like to offer an answer, jump right in the same way!

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Julie Karpenko September 20, 2012 at 3:10 pm


As Manager of Training and Development for my organization, I’ve been asked to create a SME Training Program. I’ve just begun my research and would be interested in any recommended resources.

Thank you,

Julie Karpenko


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